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See what other people are saying about our The Crest at Brier Creek apartments! At The Crest at Brier Creek Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury Raleigh apartments for yourself. These The Crest at Brier Creek reviews will show you why our Raleigh, NC apartments are a cut above the rest.


I loved this place. I had the 1 bedroom and it was very spacious and clean. The leasing office always addressed all of my maintenance requests within a couple of hours even if it was a "low" priority job. This place is close to the airport and you will hear some distant airplanes throughout the day and night. It really isn't as bad as it sounds and I was able to ignore the sound.




Great Apartment Complex. Never thought I would like living in an apartment after a big house. My separation caused me to come here and to be honest, not sure if I will ever go back to a house again.


Management changed some months ago and the overall experience has improved drastically. The new management has done a really good job of improving the package situation, they host great events, and they are very open and honest whenever I have any questions. Overall huge improvement and they are super friendly which is always nice. The apartments are spacious, nice, and affordable. I would, and have, recommended living here to friends!



After Speaking with the staff - they have outlined their plans for making the crest the best living experience for the community. They have made excellent improvements with the landscape and upgrades throughout the community. But most of all the staff has been great -- the people make the place and the Crest has great people.


It's not luxury but you're not paying enough for luxury. I enjoy the Crest and think they do a great job.


I dont understand why people have left bad reviews. For me the experience was great. i love the great price for the great location and what you get for it. Beautiful new apartments. The carpet is new and nothing on the walls. I love the dark wood kitchen cabinets and floors. The appliances were great and i love how it included a nice washer and dryer. My ac did stop one summer hot day but i called the emergency number provided and they came within two hours which gave me time to go shopping or eat dinner. i believe the two bedroom apartments are more worth it because it is like only one or two hundred dollars more than the one bedroom apartments. You can make the other room an office or have a roommate. I am at the very back corner where i can see a peak of the highway behind the forest. I thought it might have been a problem at first but it really never was. It becomes normal and never bothered me except for the first two nights. The airplane noises are usual because i have been living in brier creek already. For the location and price and what you get i think is worth it.


With topics in order of importance to me, here's my review after living here for 2 years in a first-floor unit (two adults, no kids). I'm not getting paid for this review, and I don't work for The Crest. - GREAT LOCATION! You're living at Brier Creek, so you're within a few miles of major retail, restaurants, grocery stores an a nice movie theater (which is being renovated as of July 2016 to include new cushier seating). The Crest is kind of separated from the rest of the apartments in the area, just slightly off the beaten path. Even though Walmart is nearby, I've never seen a Walmart cart at our apartment complex (someone out there will appreciate this fact). As of this year, you can still enjoy an unobstructed view of the July 4th Brier Creek fireworks from the south side of the apartment complex. - MODERN STYLING. Dark floors (1st floor only?), open layout, island, dark cabinets, large master bath, high ceilings. After living in a place for two years, you start noticing the little flaws, but it's liveable. The dishwasher is really loud, but the washer and dryer work perfectly. The paint and carpet is cheap, but plenty of natural light (depending on the unit you choose). - PARKING is plentiful, but it depends on what building you select. We requested a corner unit well-beyond the clubhouse/mailboxes, facing the cemetery, but not right next to Hwy 70/Glenwood (road noise). Even at night, no issues finding parking in this area. - WHAT ABOUT THAT CEMETERY? We really liked it. It was quiet, green, and well-maintained. You have a semi-private half-mile trail to take your morning runs or walk your dog. It's better than looking out your window at the back of another building. - SOLID CUSTOMER SERVICE. Every time I needed help, I got it within one business day. Maintenance requests are turned around quickly. - NOISE? Yes, you will hear your upstairs neighbors. This is typical if you're on a lower-level floor, so you just deal with it. We just think of them as our "upstairs family." - VALET TRASH. I'm officially spoiled now. You put it outside your door at night, they take it, and you retrieve your empty container in the morning. I just wish we didn't have to pay extra for this service, but apparently this is becoming more common at apartments. - GATE/SECURITY. True, it is often broken, probably by residents rushing the gate. However, if a "bad" person wants to follow you through a gate, it's going to happen -- broken or not. We don't sweat it. I have never felt unsafe here. It's well-lit. Exercise common caution and awareness. - HVAC. Others complained about broken AC units. In two years, our AC and heat has always worked really well. - PACKAGES. Sometimes USPS/FedEx will deliver right to your door. I've never had any issues with package delivery/retrieval from the office. - POOL. Always crowded in the summer, so we barely used it. I don't get the sense that Crest staff is monitoring residents' activities at the pool. It gets loud sometimes, even though our music devices are supposed to be strictly personal (low volume or earbuds). - KIDS. Interestingly, although they have a dog park, there is no playground onsite. There are several nice parks, trails and community centers within a short drive of The Crest. - PET FRIENDLY. We don't have a dog, but there are many dog owners in this complex. For the most part, the residents curb their dogs. Management puts out notices asking people to report others who don't curb their dogs. I would not run barefoot through the grass. - GYM. It's a free, apartment complex gym. It's basic. There are other gyms in the area if you want to pay for a better fitness experience. - AIRPORT. Pro: perfect for frequent flyers. Con: can be noisy. After a while, for us the sound just melted into the background noise. - FOOD TRUCKS. I hope they keep this going - weekly (or almost weekly) there's a different food truck onsite on a weekday night. Nice! - ICE NEAR GATES IN WINTER. I can't believe someone actually complained about this in another review. It's weather, yall. C'mon!

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